Private medical institutions tried to deceive Tax Ministry - 22 CLINICS


October 10, Fineko/abc.az. During the control measures taken by the Ministry of Taxes, facts contradicting the principles of transparency are revealed in some sectors.

Last year in the course of control measures at private medical institutions, cases of tax evasion, concealment from accounting or non-registration of funds, inconsistencies in the conclusion of employment contracts, concealment of the real turnover of enterprises were recorded.

ABC.AZ reports that the Ministry of Taxes says about that in its statement.

Thus, as a result of inspections, it was found out that for 9 months of last year the turnover of 22 private clinics in the country decreased by 3.2 times or almost by AZN 231 million.

For the first 6 months of 2019 the share of declared payments in the budget of state medical institutions operating in the public sector made up 27.1%, in the non-state sector 15.8%, and in the declared turnover the share of payments to the budget – 24.2%, in the non-state sector-12.8%.

Because of non-transparency of income in returns submitted by private clinics in 2018, the average return made up 1.8%. The inspections once again confirmed the widespread use of informal salaries in private medical institutions. According to the declaration on employment in June 2019, the average monthly salary per employee in medical institutions is indicated in the amount of 348.8 manats. It was confirmed that in reality this amount is many times, tens of thousands of manats more. As it can be seen, due to the low accounting discipline, the risks of tax evasion in medicine are high. Most of the cost of medical services are informal salaries of doctors. So, medical institutions are not interested in paying taxes on the cost of services that form their income. According to the Ministry, this means that violations of legislation occur deliberately, not accidentally.

By Elmir Murad