Don`t buy a hybrid car with US specification - Expert


October 15, Fineko/abc.az. The countries of the world have already started giving preference to eco-friendly electronic and hybrid automobiles.

Even in neighboring Georgia, seven out of 10 cars are hybrid motor vehicles.

This trend has also been observed in Azerbaijan lately. So, already on the streets of Baku you can find a lot of hybrid cars. However, though drivers say hybrid cars are eco-friendly and fuel-efficient, at the same time they make no secret that there are some downsides of such vehicles. Drivers claim that parts of hybrid cars either fail quickly, or if the parts are damaged in Azerbaijan, they cannot be repaired. In this case, the driver is forced to go to Georgia to repair the car.

Motor transport expert Eldeniz Jafarov, who clarified the points related to the claims, in his statement for news portal ABC.AZ says that lately Azerbaijan observes growing interest to Toyota Pirius among the hybrid cars.

Jafarov points out that hybrid cars have specifications of the U.S., Europe and Japan, and these specifications are developed in compliance with the standards as well as the climatic conditions of the country in which the car will be operated. That is why the expert believes that when buying hybrid cars, it is necessary to purchase cars in accord with the specifics of the country of residence: "Hybrid cars Prius imported in Azerbaijan mainly come to Baku from the U.S., and those cars are considered to be produced for the U.S. That is, these vehicles are with the U.S. specification. So, citizens buy these cars and see eventually that some parts are missing or need to be changed. This is linked mainly with the batteries. Then it turns out that replacement of spare parts is impossible here. The problem is that Azerbaijan belongs to the European specification. Therefore, I would recommend our citizens to buy European automobiles. If they want to buy hybrid cars, let them choose cars with a European specification, not with an American one."

By Elmir Murad