Non-bank credit institutions with increased loan portfolios - RANKING


October 15, Fineko/abc.az. The dynamics of the loan portfolio of non-bank credit institutions (NBCIs) operating in Azerbaijan for 2017-18 has been announced.

ABC.AZ reports that the largest increase of interest rates in 2018 compared with 2017 was recorded in Kepez (6.7-fold) and Avrasiya-Kredit (3.1-fold). The third place in the ranking belongs to Effektinvest (growth: 2.3-fold) and the 4th place to FinEx Kredit, that lags slightly behind. PSG FINANS occupies the 5th place with rise of 57.6%, and EmbaFinansın, whose loan portfolio grew by 51.0%, is slightly behind (6th place). In addition to the above-said NBCIs, the loan portfolios of MolBulak, International BOKT, Kredit Servis, Merkuri, Finokoi, Azinvestkredit, Kredex, IDK, Finans Invest, AZMIKROINVEST, Aqrarkredit QSC və Prokredit BOKT have also grown.

Currently, Azerbaijan is numbering 45 NBCIs.

By Elmir Murad