Azerbaijan in Top 5 of popular states with inexpensive fast food


October 16, Fineko/abc.az. Tourist portal Turstat has presented the rating of the most inexpensive and popular countries among Russian tourists on the cheapness of fast food.

According to Turstat, the rating is based on the results of comparison of prices for burger Big Mac in popular destinations for Russian tourists.

"The CIS countries are in Top 5 of popular tourist destinations with inexpensive fast food for Russians," the portal says.

Turstat reports that the price of burger Big Mac for Russian tourists is the cheapest in Russia - 135 rubles and the most expensive in the Eurozone (290 rubles).

"In Azerbaijan this burger will cost 4 manats (150 rubles), in Turkey 152 rubles, in Poland 179 rubles, in Vietnam 181 rubles, in China 191 rubles, in Czech Republic 234 rubles, in Thailand 252 rubles, in the UAE 258 rubles for the Russian tourists," Turstat informs.