Revolutionary innovations in insurance - End to bureaucratic delays


October 16, Fineko/abc.az. The electronic issuance of Form 4 certificate given by the State Traffic Police in case of an accident has already begun. The project, awaited for a long time by insurance companies and insurers has been finally completed and put into operation.

ABC.AZ informs that the statement was made by Rashad Akhmedov, the director of the Compulsory Insurers Bureau, in program "Economic News" of TV channel AzTV.

He noted that the system is already fully functioning, and the integration between insurance companies and the CIB has been completed. CIB head noted the infinite number of advantages of the project and specified them: "From now on, all the events will be immediately collected in the Central Information System. And there are two advantages that come to the fore.

One of them is appearance of Form 4 in e-format. Another advantage is that the geographical places where the event takes place will be visible with the highest accuracy on the map of Azerbaijan, that is a very important innovation. In doing so, we’ll also identify more places where events are taking place. Thus, the consequences and causes of events will be investigated, and measures will be taken to prevent them. In the past, we’ve faced delays in postal services, and insurance companies have also found it difficult to explain the reason. That has led to an increase in general discontent."

By Elmir Murad