Azerbaijani leader: Our external public debt is at a very low level


October 17, Fineko/abc.az. “Our external public debt is at a very low level - it makes up only 17% of GDP. We are occupying the 9th position in the world on this indicator. I’ve set a task to the government: we must reduce the external public debt every year, and the State Budget envisages the certain financing for 2020 for these ends,” President Ilham Aliyev stated at the economic meeting held on 15 October.

"The inflation rate is very low - just over 2%. A very serious and large social package has been realized this year – the financial situation of more than 4.2 million has been improved, and pensions, salaries and benefits have been increased. That is, billions of manats were spent for these purposes, and these funds had a social orientation. Despite this, the inflation rate is very low. This is a very good indicator. Incomes of the population again exceed inflation significantly," the country’s head emphasized.