Rules on targeted social aid under change


October 17, Fineko/abc.az. Some changes are expected on the occasion of the Rules on targeted social assistance.

ABC.AZ reports that the relevant statement was made by Fazil Talibov, the head of the Department for Public Relations & Communications of the Ministry of Labor & Social Protection, in broadcast REAL TV.

He noted that Cabinet Ministers’ draft resolution on the amendments to the Rules for applying for targeted state social assistance, its appointment, issuance and refusal to give it, prepared by the Ministry, will be reflected in Cabinet’s draft decision.

Talibov noted that when calculating the average monthly income of a family for which social assistance is assigned, a debt (including a loan) is not taken into account as income.

In the current legislation, when considering the right of a family for state social assistance, its average monthly income is taken into account, as well as its debt (including taken loans). After the appointment of social assistance, the payment of social assistance to the family is suspended due to the fact that a family member has taken a loan and did not report about it. The right to re-apply for social assistance is limited for the one –year period. This leads to the fact that these low-income families are not able to benefit fully from the social assistance program, that ultimately affects adversely their financial well-being.

By Elmir Murad