AGBank’s loans to clients reduced by about 14%


October 17, Fineko/abc.az. The financial situation of another bank in Azerbaijan has become known.

ABC.AZ reports that AGBank published a report for the period from January to September 2019.

According to the report, Bank's total assets amounted to AZN 448.4 million. This figure is by AZN 39.37 million or 8.07% less than for the 2018 same term. Compared Jan-Sept 2019, Bank's liabilities have also decreased this year. Thus, compared with 2018, Bank's liabilities reduced by AZN 45.976 million or by 10.34% to AZN 398.619 million.

This year Bank’s total capital reached AZN 49.8 million that is by AZN 6.605 million or 15.19% more versus the 2018 same term.

This year AGBank gave AZN 228.248 million to its customers (by 13.41% less against Jan-Sept 2018).

AGBank's liabilities to the Central Bank decreased by 17.75% compared with 2018 and amounted to AZN 32.9 million.

Compared with 2018, the Bank lowered its loss by AZN 3.839 million or by 62.70%. As a result, the Bank lost AZN 2.28 million (by 2.6 times less versus Jan-Sept 2018). Thus, as a result of Jan-Sept 2018, the Bank suffered damage of AZN 6.122 million.

By Elmir Murad