Oil & gas sector produced for almost AZN 23 bn for Jan-Sept 2019


October 18, Fineko/abc.az. The State Statistics Committee informs that AZN 3.799 bn was directed for the oil & gas sector of Azerbaijan for the first 9 months of this year.

Over Jan-Sept of the year the oil & gas sector produced products for AZN 22.959 bn. The production in the oil & gas industry for the Jan-Sept 2018 was at the same level. Value added in the oil & gas sector increased by 1.1%. 69.9% of industrial output was produced in the mining sector.

In September the prices for industrial products rose by 4.3% compared with the previous month, including in the mining industry by 5.5%.

By early September 34,700 people worked in the oil sector of the economy. Over Jan-Aug the nominal wages in the oil sector amounted to 3,073.7 manats.