US dollar has risen for the first time for last 5 months on the black currency market


December 15, Fineko/abc.az. Today the "black" currency market recorded an appreciation of the dollar.

The purchasing price of the US dollar observes an increase from AZN 1.6950 up to AZN 1.6970-1.6980 and the selling price from AZN 1.7000 up to AZN 1.7020 or by 0.2%.

The last time the appreciation of the US dollar on the black market was recorded in July. Then the US dollar was at the level of AZN 1.7030-1.7050.

Unlike the US dollar, the euro remained at the level of AZN 2.00, and the selling price has dropped from AZN 2.02 to AZN 2.01.

The Russian ruble has risen again. According to the black market data, the purchasing price of the ruble increased from AZN 0.0284 up to AZN 0.0286 and the selling price from AZN 0.0286 up to AZN 0.0287.