Young families should have right to get social housing and subsidized mortgage – Economist`s statement


October 28, Fineko/abc.az. Center for Economic & Social Development’s head and expert economist Vugar Bayramov has put forward a proposal for young families, not covered by social housing category and can not apply for social housing and subsidized mortgage loans.

ABC.AZ reports that Center’s head in his proposal on the occasion says that that citizens who have worked as officials for 15 years are entitled to benefits, even if it is not a young family. But there is no such right for teachers.

"It means that if age of one of the family heads in teacher's family exceeds 35 years, he has no right to a social apartment and subsidized mortgage," Bayramov said.

He points out for this reason the granting of such a right to citizens with more than 15-year teacher experience, even if they are not characterized as a young family, is very important from angle of social justice.

"It would be better if the housing problems of IDPs, families of martyrs and families of national heroes would be solved within the framework of providing free housing. Given the social situation of our citizens in this category, their free provision of housing should be continued. Given that 34,591 apartments and AZN 7.1 bn have been allocated to IDPs so far to improve their social situation, it is possible to continue providing free apartments at the expense of state financing. It is necessary to expand the subsidized mortgage category citizens and give this right to every young family with solvency."