Rate of cash withdrawals from cards has lowered


October 31, Fineko/abc.az. The level of non-cash payments in debit and credit card transactions has grown from 17% up to 21%.

ABC.AZ reports with reference to Central Bank’s statistics that along with the growth the level of cash withdrawals fell from 83% to 78.7%.

Transactions for AZN 1.91 bn were carried out through debit and credit cards in September, including operations for AZN 1.77 bn inside and for AZN 138 million outside the country. Cash withdrawals accounted for 78.7% or AZN 1.395 bn of domestic transactions for AZN 1.773 bn, while non-cash payments made up 21.3% or AZN 378 million.

Non-cash payments for AZN 105 million were conducted through POS terminals, e-Commerce for AZN 255 million, through ATMs for AZN 18 million.

For the same period of 2018 transactions for AZN 1.411 bn were made with the use of debit and credit cards (1.314 bn in the country and AZN 97 million outside the country). Out of the domestic operations for AZN 1.314 bn, the cash withdrawals made up 83% or AZN 1.89 bn and non-cash payments AZN 224 million or 17%.