Nominal growth rate in nonoil sector made up 8.9% - STATEMENT


November 1, Fineko/abc.az. Nominal growth rate in the nonoil sector made up 8.9%, exceeding nominal GDP growth rate, over the first 9 months of 2019 (versus the 2018 same term).

ABC.AZ informs that volume of reported turnover on districts of Azerbaijan grew by 11.9%. In the nonoil sector the growth rate of VAT-covered operations made up 12.8%, including 27.9% on districts. The nonoil sector observed the highest rate of turnover growth in trade (24.2%), including retail trade (36.2%) and wholesale trade (15.8%), social production (21.6%) and non-oil production (18.1%). The VAT-covered turnover increased by 33%, including in retail trade by 41.5% and wholesale trade by 27.6%, in services by 14.1%, in catering by 19%, in agriculture by 15.8%.