MasterCard rep: We’ll introduce innovative systems from next year - EXCLUSIVE


November 7, Fineko/abc.az. MasterCard, one of the world's giants, intends to expand further innovative systems from next year, says MasterCard’s director for Azerbaijan Erdem Chakar in an exclusive statement for ABC.AZ.

He noted that currently digital, card and regular payments are gradually growing.

According to Chakar, regular and card payments grew by 23% and electronic trade payments by 60%.

"Most of them, that is, 50% are paid through the cell phone. But besides that, we have a project on acceptance of payments and payments from a mobile phone. That is, it is a project of 24-hour reception of money, with which you can simultaneously send money from the card, from the mail. Some of the ones listed by me are currently being applied and some are currently under development. We are not content with this: in 2020, you will see more development and expansion in these areas," MasterCard’s rep said telling about future plans.