SOCAR should have tried to keep liquefied gas price from rising - Expert


November 13, Fineko/abc.az. As Azerbaijan is a country producing and exporting natural gas, the State Oil Company (SOCAR) should try to optimize and reduce the price of liquefied gas (LPG) in the near future.

ABC.AZ was informed about that by Vugar Bayramov, the head of the Center for Economic & Social Development, when the latter commented on the increase in prices for LPG, announced a few days ago.

Bayramov noted that Azerbaijan is a country exporting energy products, and with the help of new technologies it is possible to organize the production of liquefied gas in the country and, in particular, in accord with Euro 5 standards.

"That’s why I believe SOCAR should take more all-round measures in this direction. Clearly, prices for energy products in Azerbaijan should not be high, and SOCAR should try to reduce prices in the next period. I’d like to stress that despite SOCAR's statement about increasing costs, the Company should have tried to prevent such a rise in gas prices. Speech is about growth by 44%. This is quite big growth," Bayramov emphasized.

It should be noted that a few days ago the sale price of LPG in Azerbaijan increased from 0.45 up to 0.65 manats.