162 amendments made to Tax Code - MP


November 14, Fineko/abc.az. Increase of transparency in Azerbaijan in connection with the economic reforms conducted by the country’s president and strengthening measures aimed at combating corruption require a number of changes to the Tax Code.

ABC.AZ reports that Ziyad Samedzadeh, the chairman of the Parliamentary Committee on Economic Policy, Industry & Entrepreneurship, said about that at today’s Milli Majlis plenary session.

He noted that the Tax Code adopted in 2001 had positive impact on the formation of a new economic system in Azerbaijan, attracting financial resources to the country.

"Improving the quality of entrepreneurship and economic development amid growing global risks in the world has necessitated several changes to the Tax Code. The next changes in the Tax Code can undoubtedly be noted as important changes in the history of Azerbaijan in essence and coverage. There are 162 amendments to the Tax Code. Of them, 73 ones relate to changes of individual elements and 89 ones with technical changes," the MP emphasized.