Azerigaz statement on mechanical meters


November 15, Fineko/abc.az. A number of media bodies have reported about Azerigaz’s alleged decision to refuse from new generation smart-card gas meters. The reaction to the question from gas supplier Azerigaz was not delayed.

ABC.AZ reports that according to Azerigaz, the latter reduced the purchase of gas meters of such kind from ITRON GALLUS because of financial reasons. On the other hand, the installation of smart-card gas meters is to continue in the future.

At the same time there are no problems with the installation of mechanical meters, and it is also considered financially beneficial for Azerigaz.

The information of some press organs that smart-card meters allegedly create more problems has no grounds, since the quality of such gas meters produced by ITRON GALLUS is confirmed by international certificates, and Azerigaz has no problems with these received devices.