Azerbaijan imports most of all from these countries - LIST


November 18, Fineko/abc.az. The State Statistics Committee has published the volume of foreign trade turnover of Azerbaijan for Jan-Sept.

ABC.AZ reports that for the reported period the positive trade balance for $4.81 bn formed. Compared with the 2018 same term, export increased by 7.2%, in real terms by 1.4%, including import by 3.4% and export by 0.3%.

Over Jan-Sept 2019 volume of import was announced along with export. At the same time it became known from which countries Azerbaijan most often imports products. Thus, for the first 9 months import operations with Russia made up 15.5% of the total value of Azerbaijan’s imported products, 11.6% accounts for Switzerland, 11.1% for Turkey, 9.3% for China, 6.3% for the U.S., 4.9% for Germany, 3.8% for Canada, 3.5% for Iran, 3.3% for Ukraine, 2.8% for Australia, 2.6% for Italy, 1.9% for France, 1.7% for the UK, 1.6% for Kazakhstan, and 20.1% for other countries.