Farm goods production has grown by 4.2% in Azerbaijan


December 19, Fineko/abc.az. Agricultural production has increased in Azerbaijan.

The State Statistics Committee informs that for Jan-Nov production of rural output increased by 4.2%.

"In particular, production in the livestock sector grew by 2.8% and in crop production by 5.9%," the Committee added.

It has been already plowed 1,034,500 hectares for crop of next year, sown grain on the area of 864,600 ha, including wheat on 584,100 ha and barley on 280,400 ha.

"Compared to the 2016 same term, meat production grew by 3.4% up to 405,100 tons, milk production by 0.8% up to 1.847 million tons, egg production by 6.4% up to 1.564 bn, and production of wool reduced by 3.8% to 15,900 tons," the SSC reported.