Cryptocurrency falls in price sharply - Exchange


November 19, Fineko/abc.az. The cost of electronic money in the cryptocurrency market has been made public.

ABC.AZ reports that this time all the six most popular e-currencies have declined in their value. Bitcoin SV, Bitcoin Cash and TRON have fallen most of all. Experts link this decrease in price with the fallen interest to electronic money. Cost of electronic money is going to fall further. Such a reduction in price is expected to be insignificant.

The prices on the cryptocurrency market are presented in the table below:


Cryptocurrency Price Rise-Fall
Bitcoin $8 114,65 -4,93%
Ethereum $175,66 -4,78%
Bitcoin Cash $237,51 -10,73%
Tether $1,01 -0,46%
TRON $0,016721 -8,99%
Bitcoin SV $108,27 -11,54%