We consider transfer of wage cards into Kartmane – Rabitabank Senior Director


November 20, Fineko/abc.az. All the Rabitabank’s cards will be renamed into Kartmane.

ABC.AZ informs that the statement was made by Rabitabank Senior Director Ziya Nuriyev at the November 19 press conference after the presentation of Rabitabank’s restyling (change of image).

Bank’s Senior Director touched upon the question of the price of the Kartmane card and transfer of wage cards into Kartmane in the future: "The Kartmane wage card is given for 5 years. The annual price of the card is 10 manats. The card is given free of charge if the client's account receives at least 500 manats. The bonus program is available on both debit and credit card Kartmane. All our cards will become Kartmane and Kartmane Premium. In the 1st quarter of 2020 we are going to attach the bonus program to Bizcart, offered to businessmen. Next year we’ll consider the matter of converting wage cards to Kartmane. We’ve set a goal that the base of Bank’s cards would consist only of Kartmane cards. We want the bonus program would be a tool for all customers."