Since early 2019 legal entities’ total deposits increased by about 10%


November 26, Fineko/abc.az. On 31 October 2019 the total assets of Azerbaijani banks amounted to AZN 31.368 million and total liabilities AZN 26.634 million.

The balance sheet capital of the sector reached AZN 4.734 million.

ABC.AZ reports that this was noted in banking sector survey figures for October 2019 released by the Financial Markets Supervision Authority (Fimsa).

As of October, the loan portfolio made up 44.9% of sector's assets. The loan portfolio grew by 1.5% (AZN 202.8 million) during the month. The total loan portfolio of banks at the end of the month amounted to AZN 14.075 bn. Deposits of individuals for the reported term totaled AZN 8.697 million. In October the savings portfolio of individuals grew by 2.4% (AZN 206.3 million).

The growth occurred mainly due to demand deposits. Thus, during the month the deposits increased by 5.5% (AZN 165.1 million). Total deposits of legal entities in August decreased by 2.0% (AZN 234.7 million) and amounted to AZN 11.336 million. Term deposits of legal entities for the month decreased by 5.6% (AZN 152.0 million) and amounted to AZN 2.548 million.

The total deposits of legal entities grew by 9.9% (AZN 1025.2 million) compared with the beginning of the year.