Azerbaijan to cover treatment of congenital heart disease - after MHI application


November 27, Fineko/abc.az. Shukur Eyvazov, the head of the Department for Regional Centers of the State Agency on Mandatory Health Insurance, explained a range of issues in his interview for TV channel REAL TV.

ABC.AZ reports that Eyvazov stated that 90 manats will be paid to the State Budget for provision of medical services.

Agency’s representative cited several examples from this list of medical services: "The list includes primary care, ambulance, outpatient, inpatient and vital services. For example, the treatment of children with congenital heart disease will also be paid for by the State Budget. Citizens will not apply for compensation payment, as the state pays 90 manats per person. The number of new services in the package has been brought up to 3,000. This includes implantation. We have large finances to serve citizens. If a citizen is sick, his choice is not limited. If a person is diagnosed with a disease, and treatment and surgery for the disease are reflected in the package, they will be performed, as the citizen has insurance payments. Therefore, wherever he goes, he will be rendered medical services."