Income tax exemptions to be applied to these persons - List


November 28, Fineko/abc.az. Previously it was announced about persons to be covered by the benefits of income tax on wages.

ABC.AZ reports that the Ministry of Taxes states that exemptions will concern the following persons: the national heroes of the Azerbaijan Republic, Heroes of the Soviet Union and of Socialist Labor, war invalids, widows (widowers) and children of killed or died later soldiers, persons awarded orders and medals For Selfless Labor in the Rear in 1941-1945, persons who received the title of veteran of the war in the manner prescribed by law, persons awarded with orders and medals For Selfless Labor on Chernobyl Nuclear Accident, civil or other radiation accidents at nuclear facilities for military purposes, to persons suffering from radiation sickness and radiation load or who have suffered these diseases as a result of tests, exercises and other works related to any types of nuclear installations, including nuclear weapons and space technology.

The granted benefits are applied in the presence of one of the documents specified in the "List of documents for determining the right to tax benefits withheld from wages", approved by the Cabinet Ministers’ Resolution #4 from 4 January 2001.