Compensations on some types of agriculture reduced - Report


November 28, Fineko/abc.az. Compensation payments on insurance of farm animals have reduced.

ABC.AZ reports with reference to the insurance market indicators for Jan-Oct, published by the Financial Markets Supervision Authority (FIMSA), compensation payments in insurance of farm animals amounted to AZN 534,600 (by AZN 233,400 or 43.65% less against 2018).

Not only compensations on insurance of farm animals observe a decline, but also the ones on insurance of agricultural products. In particular, over the reported term crop production insurance reached AZN 167,700 (AZN 466,100 or 3.77-fold less versus the 2018 same term). As for compensations, if in 2018 they amounted to AZN 64,400 on this type of agriculture, this year no compensations were paid on it.