Interest and nominal payments on mortgage bonds announced


December 2, Fineko/abc.az. According to the bond issue prospectus with ISIN-code AZ2034008683, AZ2035008682, AZ2036008681 issued by the Mortgage & Credit Guarantee Fund, on the day of interest payment on the bonds, payment of a certain part of the nominal residual value of the bonds is provided.

The relevant information was provided by the Baku Stock Exchange.

On 25 November the issuer made another interest payment on bonds with ISIN-code AZ2034008683, AZ2035008682, AZ2036008681. According to this, since 24 November the amount of the balance on the face value of the bonds is AZN 937.75.

In the next interest payment period, the interest rate will be calculated on the basis of 3 percent income of AZN 937.75. When trading bonds on the BSE with ISIN-code AZ2034008683, AZ2035008682, AZ2036008681, the base price of the bonds should be AZN 937.75.