Number of refusals from Azerbaijani goods falls from 36 to 11 - Goshgar Tahmazli


December 4, Fineko/abc.az. Export of Azerbaijani products to the European Union is to be simplified.

ABC.AZ reports that Goshgar Tahmazli, the chairman of the Food Safety Agency of Azerbaijan, noted that the Economic Cooperation Organization (ECO) has great potential for cooperation in the field of animal husbandry between similar structures of the member states.

Tahmazli says that Azerbaijan attaches particular importance to cooperation with the ECO countries: "The main goal of the Agency is to monitor food safety in the country and study international standards in this direction. From January 2017 to the beginning of Agency's activity the number of refusals from Azerbaijani goods reached 36, and now this figure has fallen to 11. Work is underway to simplify the export of animal food products from Azerbaijan to the EU. As a result, exports will grow significantly, " Tahmazli promised.