About 9 million tourists arrived in Georgia - Azerbaijanis make up the majority


December 4, Fineko/abc.az. The rate of Azerbaijani tourists visiting Georgia has increased by 7%.

ABC.AZ informs that for Jan-Nov 2019 the number of tourists from Azerbaijan to Georgia amounted to 1.404 million people.

The report of the National Tourism Administration of Georgia says that the number of Azerbaijani tourists to the neighboring country grew by 92,121 people or 7%.

According to this indicator, Azerbaijan ranks 2nd for the reporting period in the number of foreigners traveling to Georgia. Russia occupies the 1st place with 1.406 million people and Armenia 3rd with 1.23 million people. In November alone, 114,657 people left Azerbaijan for Georgia (by 8,552 people or 8.1% more versus 2018).

Over Jan-Nov 2019 Georgia was visited by 8.69 million people and in November alone by 670,122 people.