Will our goods be of same high quality as in EU? - New law passed


December 5, Fineko/abc.az. Azerbaijan has adopted the Law on Technical Regulation.

ABC.AZ reports that Nijat Hajizadeh, department head of the Center for Analysis of Economic Reforms & Communications, shared interesting thoughts about the new law.

He points out that after the adoption of the new law, there will be no difference in the standards of products to be consumed by Azerbaijani consumers and people living in the European Union.

In other words, the quality and standard of products purchased by a person living in Germany on the non-food market in his country will be similar to those used by an Azerbaijani citizen: "Consumer right protection and confidence to the quality product available on the market will grow. This will increase confidence to the national and local products of our country. In addition, it should be noted that in accord with the Law on Public Participation, discussions will be held when drafting the technical regulations and views of experts and representatives of the civil society will be taken into account," Hajizadeh said.

He added that the adoption of the Law on Technical Regulation will improve the business activity of both consumers and entities responsible to consumers, that is, entrepreneurs. Thus, entrepreneurs engaged in non-food activities will regulate their products, related processes and production processes in accord with the technical regulations defined by the state.

"In accord with the above-said review, with bringing the existing technical regulations in line with international regulations, national technical regulations will be formed. This means that non-food products produced by the Azerbaijani entrepreneur will have the same level of compatibility with goods produced in the EU," Hajizadeh emphasized.