Azerbaijan begins to assign stars to hotels


December 6, Fineko/abc.az. Azerbaijan starts giving stars to hotels.

ABC.AZ reports that in this regard, today the Azerbaijan Tourism Bureau was awarded a assessment conformity certificate by the Azerbaijan Accreditation Center.

Speaking at the ceremony, ATB’s CEO Florian Zengstschmid noted that the "star" category is an important step in the development of the hotel business that will bring positive innovations to Azerbaijan in the hospitality industry, thereby contributing to the provision of better services to tourists.

At the event it was noted that according to the agreement on joint activities signed between the ATB and the Azerbaijan Hotel Association, the categories of "stars" of hotels will be determined on the basis of the National Star Classification System. This system was developed by the Hotel Association as a specialized organization in the field of hospitality on the basis of the classification criteria of the European hotel association Hotelstars Union.

This experience is also applied in neighboring countries, such as Turkey and Georgia.

The Azerbaijan Hotel Association is a member of the European hotel association Hotelstars Union and the European Association of Hotels, Restaurants & Cafes (HOTREC).

CEO Florian Zengstschmid said that the process of giving stars to hotels will begin in the 1st quarter of 2020, and the 1st stage will be the assignment of stars to more than 100 hotels.