Xalg Sigorta unveils size of paid compensations – Amount has grown


December 6, Fineko/abc.az. Insurance company Xalg Sigorta has paid compensations in the total amount of AZN 521,439 on the insurance of motor vehicles last month.

ABC.AZ reports that the announced figure is the payment of compensations the Company made in November out of 429 insurance claims. Over Jan-Oct 2020 Xalq Sigorta compensated for AZN 22.328 million. This indicator exceeds the 2018 same term’s figure by AZN 15.25 million (3.15-fold).

As for the total compensations, for Jan-Oct 2019 the insurer paid compensations for AZN 12.616 million (AZN 9.844 million or 78.02% more versus the 2018 same term).