Another passenger transportation carrier organizes operation base at Baku Transport Agency's request


December 20, Fineko/ Another company engaged in passenger transportation has organized an operation base at the request of the Baku Transport Agency (BNA).

BNA reports that "Ayşən LTD" company organized an operation base.

"The operation base serves 119 buses on 7 routes operating in suburban villages and settlements. Special technical strips have been created on the base, a medical post is established for drivers to undergo a medical examination before the start of the route. Conditions have been created for parking buses in a specially protected area, " the message says.

The message notes that the Baku Transport Agency has analyzed the operation bases of 48 carriers and revealed shortcomings at most of them. Based on the requirements of BNA, carriers organized 7 operation bases equipped with modern logistics. In total, these bases serve 515 buses from 37 routes.