A new substation built in Khirdalan - Tanriverdi Mustafayev


December 10, Fineko/abc.az. In compliance with Action Plan 2019 Azerbaijan’s electric supplier Azerishig constructed two 35 kV substations for the city of Khirdalan and connected them to the existing 35 kV grid network.

ABC.AZ reports that the relevant statement was made by Azerishig’s spokesman Tanriverdi Mustafayev in a media tour for journalists.

Mustafayev added that the work aimed at improving the domestic electricity network is to continue.

"Next February Azerishig is marking 5 years since its creation. Over the past 5 years our organization has fulfilled works on the basis of the Action Plan. I’d like to review the work for the past part of this year. From January 2019 to the present, reconstruction works have been carried out in many districts of the country. Since the beginning of 2019 the Company has done reconstruction works in Central Aran, Southern, Northern, North-Western, Shirvan and other districts. Today further work is underway in Baku and adjacent villages and settlements.

Earlier this year materials for reconstruction were delivered to Binagadi district - in the villages of Sulutepe, Balajari, Binagadi village, Novkhani, settlement Fatmayi, settlement Bina of Khazar district,.

Today reconstruction work is being finished in the settlement of Khirdalan of Absheron district on the territory of Poultry Complex, settlements Masazir, 28 May, At Yali, Gobu and Khokmali,"  Azerisig’s spokesman said.

Mustafayev added that the process of replacement of old electric supplying lines with new ones in settlement Masazir, which has lasted for 5 years, has already been completed by 80%.

"This prevented power outages in the winter and provided uninterrupted power supply to electric consumers.

Two 35-KV substations were built in Masazir settlement, two 35-KV substations in Khirdalan city, one 110-KV new substation in Gobu village, new power lines were installed. In particular, power transmission lines were replaced by self-supporting insulated cable lines. All this will ensure stable, high-quality energy supply to more than half a million consumers.

Since the day of establishment of Azerishig the matters of installation of new electric meters have been resolved in Baku and surrounding villages and settlements.

17 services rendered by Azerishig are carried out through ASAN Center. All existing issues are solved in e-form. New sms-type electric meters meet the latest technological advances.

Short interruptions in power supply are expected in some districts of Azerbaijan for the next two weeks or 20 days, in general, until the New Year’s Holiday in connection with the ongoing reconstruction.

Today, work is being carried out on the territory of the Poultry Complex of Khirdalan city and Masazir settlement. Next week this work will be carried out in settlements 28 May, in settlements At Yali, Gobu and Khokmali, in the city of Khirdalan."