Rate of VAT payers in Azerbaijan grows more than by 22%


December 10, Fineko/abc.az. As of 1 December 2019 the total number of taxpayers registered in Azerbaijan amounted to 1.55 million. Of them, 139,666 or 13.2% are legal entities and other structures.

The Ministry of Taxes informs portal ABC.AZ that the number of taxpayers registered as legal entities increased by 12.4% against the 2018 same term. 98.6% of growth occurred due to rise in the number of commercial organizations.

The number of commercial organizations for the reporting period amounted to 124,260. Compared with the 2018 same term, the indicator grew by 15,236 or 14%. And the number of non-profit organizations reached 15,406. Compared with 2018, there is a rise of 212 or 1.4%. In November 2019 there were registered 1,312 commercial organizations. The figure is by 24.6% more versus the number of commercial structures registered in November 2018.

1,053 commercial organizations were registered at that time. 71.4% of commercial organizations (10,474) have been registered in e-form since early 2019. Out of the registered commercial organizations, 39,917 ones are operating in the services sector, 34,243 ones in trade, 13,437 ones in construction, 9,057 ones in industrial sector, 8,078 ones in agriculture, 3,871 ones in communications, 2,667 ones in transport, and 1,149 ones in the financial sector.