Azerbaijan gets in Top 20 of states among Russian tourists in 2019


December 11, Fineko/abc.az. Tourist portal Turstat has presented the rating of countries by popularity among the Russian tourists in 2019.

According to the portal, Azerbaijan ranks the 18th position on outbound tourism from Russia.

The number of tourist trips to Azerbaijan from Russia decreased by 2.5% to 577,000 trips for Jan-Sept 2019.

Turkey, Finland and Kazakhstan are leading in tourism from Russia abroad this year.

Turkey with 5.675 million trips, Abkhazia (3.855 million), Finland (2.695 million), Kazakhstan (2.47 million), Ukraine (1.857 million), China (1.712 million), Estonia (1.348 million), Italy (1.12 million), Georgia (990,000) and Germany (977,000) are in Top 10 of popular countries among tourists from Russia in 2019 for the first 9 months of the year.

The rating of outbound tourism from Russia is based on the analysis of statistics of outbound tourist trips from Russia abroad for Jan-Sept 2019.