Join the contest by Nar, celebrate New Year in Moscow!


December 12, Fineko/abc.az.  Excelled with the favorable roaming offers for travelers, Nar announced an interesting contest to add a special color to holiday mood of the customers at New Year’s Eve. Thus, the winner of the contest which is being held on official Instagram page of the mobile operator will gain an opportunity to meet the New Year in Moscow. 

Users need to correctly answer 5 questions shared on story section of the Instagram page to take part in the contest which will last till December 19. The winner will be chosen from the qualifying candidates based upon a random selection. He/she will have a chance to visit Moscow from December 31 to January 6, enjoy the fascinating beauty of the city and benefit from high-quality roaming services provided by the mobile operator. 

The winner will be announced at 10:00 on December 20. Please, click here to learn more about the contest. 


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