Food production grew more than by 10%


December 12, Fineko/abc.az. Industrial enterprises and individual entrepreneurs operating in this sphere fabricated industrial products by AZN 42.2 bn or 1.4% more for Jan-Nov 2019 against the 2018 same term.

According to the State Statistics Committee sent to ABC.AZ, production in the non-oil industry increased by 13.9%. For the reporting period the manufacturing sector produced 25.1 per cent of industrial output. In the manufacturing industry the production of finished metal products increased by 82.4%, woodworking and wood products by 80.6%, tobacco products by 55.7%, beverages by 40.0%, printing products by 39.9%, computer, electronic and optical products by 37.7%, textile industry by 36.2%, installation and repair of machinery & equipment by 30.9%, furniture by 29.5%, chemical products by 27.3%, pharmaceuticals by 24.7%, paper and cardboard by 23.4%, rubber and plastic products by 17.1%, clothing by 11.5%, foods by 10.4%, machinery and equipment by 5.2%, construction materials by 4.4%, electrical equipment by 1.3%.

By Elmir Murad