What NBCOs did give more loans in Azerbaijan? - LIST


December 12, Fineko/abc.az. The names of non-bank credit organizations that have given a large number of loans in Azerbaijan have been published.

ABC.AZ reports that in 2018 among the NBCOs that gave a large number of loans were Aqrarkredit (AZN 94.98 million), Parabokt (AZN 58.69 million) Embafinans (AZN 23.434 million), TBC Credit (AZN 17.087 million), Finoco (AZN 14.026 million) and Molbulak (AZN 13.269 million). In general, six NBCOs gave more loans for AZN 221.49 million. This amount made up 75.44% of all the total loans given by NBCOs in 2018.

Last year six out of 45 NBCOs in Azerbaijan gave loans for more than AZN 10 million separately. Also, in 2018 only 38 out of 45 NBCOs announced the loan amount. In 2018, the least amount of loans was given in the districts of Azerbaijan (AZN 14.9 million).

By Elmir Murad