Currency reserves grew more than by $5 bn since early 2019


December 13, Fineko/abc.az. Over the past month the world oil price has again shown an upward trend.

ABC.AZ reports that it is seen in the statistics of the Central Bank.

According to the CBA, for the past 11 months the average price for 1 barrel of Brent crude oil was 64.1 dollars. This ensures substantial trade surplus, although below the 2018 average price ($72). According to preliminary data, for Jan-Nov 2019 (versus the 2018 same term) exports increased by 2.3%, including non-oil export by 17.5%, while the growth of non-oil imports excluding imports of monetary gold, made up 9%. Amid the balance of payments surplus, the country's strategic currency reserves increased by 12.7% or $5.7 bn since early 2019 year up to $50.4 bn.