Goods for AZN 34.4 bn sold at stores for Jan-Nov 2019


December 13, Fineko/abc.az. The cost of sold goods grew by 3.5% up to AZN 34.4 bn in the retail chain for Jan-Nov 2019 (versus the 2018 same term).

ABC.AZ was reported at the State Statistics Committee that trade turnover reached AZN 17.4 bn, foods, beverages and tobacco products AZN 17 bn, non-foods. The cost of goods sold increased by 3.1% and 3.9% respectively against Jan-Nov 2018.

For the reporting period 45.9% of the funds spent by customers on goods purchased for final consumption accounted for food products, 4.7% for beverages and tobacco products, 18.4% for textiles, clothing and footwear, 6.1% for electrical goods and furniture, 5.6% for motor fuel, 1.3% for pharmaceutical and medical products, 0.8% for computers, telecommunications equipment and printed products, 17.2% spent on the purchase of other non-food products.

For the reported term in value terms of consumer goods 21.2% were sold by trade enterprises, 50.5% by individual entrepreneurs, 28.3% at the markets and fairs. Compared with the 2018 same term, the turnover of retail trade in real terms grew by 29.8%, individual entrepreneurs by 2%, and at markets and fairs by 8%.

Over Jan-Nov of the year the average monthly retail trade turnover per person amounted to 316 manats or 15.6 manats in nominal terms more versus the 2018 same term. In the retail network a resident of the country bought foods, beverages and tobacco products for 159.9 manats and non-foods for 156.1 manats monthly on average.