Over 3 million tourists visited Azerbaijan in 2019


January 8, Fineko/abc.az. The number of foreign citizens who visited Azerbaijan amounted to 3.17 million people in 2019 (by 11.4% more versus the 2018 same term).

ABC.AZ reports with reference to the State Tourism Agency that the cause of growth is increase in the number of tourists from Russia, Georgia, Iran, and Turkey.

Thus, the number of arrivals in Azerbaijan from European countries for Jan-Dec 2019 totaled 224,000 people (by 14.7% more against the 2018 relevant period). Most visitors were from the UK (36,000 people; rise: 25.3%), Germany (20,000; rise: 19.4%), Italy (12,000; rise: 10.8%) and France (9,000; rise: 15.2%). As for South Asian countries, there is an increase of 66.8% and 12.9% respectively, with 65,000 people from India and 46,000 people from Pakistan.

Among the visitors from Central Asian countries the number of visitors from Turkmenistan grew by 85%. The number of arrivals from Kazakhstan increased by 26.1% and reached 47,000 people, while the number of arrivals from Uzbekistan grew by 28.3% and reached 23,000 people.

The number of arrivals from Israel also increased by 17%. Quantity of visitors from Saudi Arabia grew by 46.7% - this is a leading indicator compared with other countries in the Middle East. From China, where Azerbaijan has a tourist office, there was observed an increase of 62.4%. Growth in South Korea made up 19.9% and in Ukraine 2.4%.

It should be noted that the next tourist offices of Azerbaijan will start their activities in South Korea and Ukraine.