AQTA bans butter sales at Bizim Market


January 16, Fineko/abc.az. Employees of the Food Safety Agency conducted inspection in Bizim Market LLC's retail chain located at address: 1C, Mammadov Street, Khatayi District, Baku.

ABC.AZ was reported at AQTA that inspection revealed that the supermarkets sell fake butter under brand ‘Belorusskaya Korona’.

The study found out that the butter barcode is fake. Thus, the barcode belonged to Belaya Korona trademark butter imported in the country by Foodini LLC. Luninec is a manufacturer of butter sold under name ‘Belorusskaya Korona’. The letter addressed to Luninec, a Belarusian dairy plant, says that this company does not produce butter ‘Belorusskaya Korona’.

It was established that Bizim Market LLC forged a food safety certificate ("name and address of the importing company", "name and address of the sending company", "country of origin", "place of loading", "name and address of the manufacturer's division") as a certificate for trademark ‘Belorusskaya Korona’. Materials on the facts revealed within the framework of legal requirements have been sent to the Prosecutor's Office for the purpose of giving a legal assessment. A decision was made to suspend and ban the sale of above-said products - 12 tons 575 kg from 14 branches of the Bizim Market network and a batch of these products have been withdrawn.