Naftalan was visited by 40,000 tourists from 61 countries during the year


January 17, Fineko/abc.az. In 2019 tourist trips to Naftalan reached a record level – 40,000 tourists from 61 countries arrived in the city.

ABC.AZ reports that of them, 12,364 people came from foreign countries.

Visitors from Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Israel, Ukraine, Belarus, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and Lithuania dominated among the tourists. In addition, tourists from the UAE, Tajikistan, Bahrain, Qatar, Iran, China, Estonia, Germany, Georgia, the U.S., Kyrgyzstan and Canada used the services of resorts and sanatoriums.

Currently there are 10 tourist sites in resort city Naftalan with personnel of 1,100 employees. After the commissioning of tourist facilities, the construction of which is underway in the city, about 3,800 tourists will be able to receive daily treatment and enjoy services of restaurants and hotels in accordance with modern standards. The personnel of serving facilities in the city is expected to reach 1,500 employees that makes 15% of the total urban population.

By Elmir Murad