Food Safety Agency chair: Law enforcement agencies deal with Bizim Market matter


January 17, Fineko/abc.az. Currently, law enforcement agencies are working to reveal 12 tons of fake butter in the Bizim Market network.

ABC.AZ reports that the statement was made today by Goshgar Tahmazli, the chairman of the Food Safety Agency (AQTA), at a press conference dedicated to the results of 2019.

The chair noted that inspection found out that counterfeit butter was sold under brand name Belorusskaya Korova.

"There is no butter under this trademark at all. The result of the examination showed that this butter is not creamy. Entrepreneurs should be responsible for such revealed facts," Tahmazli said.

He also reacted to Bizim Market's statement that the certificate issued by the Food Safety Agency in connection with the falsified product is invalid: "The market can't blame AGTA for that. What does AGTA have to do with the fact that some criminal forged a certificate using e-applications, packed fake butter and sent it to a retail network? Our website has a register of companies, and we inform them about products imported in Azerbaijan. Any retail chain can interest about this, and then find out whether there is a fake product or not. We did not accuse Bizim Market of this fact. We also reported that a criminal group took part in it and forged a food safety certificate issued to SN Qida Techizat LLC ("name and address of the importing company", "name and address of the sending company", "country of origin", "place of loading", "name and address of the manufacturer's division").