List of addresses at which apartments for rent can be bought


January 21, Fineko/abc.az. Starting from tomorrow, e-applications will be accepted as part of the rental mechanism with the obligation of the following sale of residential premises.

ABC.AZ reports that at the initial stage the data on the territory, number, area of residential premises intended for rent with subsequent sale were made public.

It became known that at the first stage 331 apartments will be rented out with the obligation of sale. 208 apartments are located at the address: Baku City, Nizami District, M. Abbasov Street; 40 apartments at the address: Baku City, Khatayi District, Ganja Avenue; 58 apartments at the address: Absheron District, Khirdalan City, Block 21; and 25 apartments at the address: Sumgait City, Mir Street.

Appeals will be carried out through e-government portal (www.e-gov.az) with the use of the electronic mortgage & credit system (ESIK) (e-signature or ASAN-signature).