Salaries of oil sector employees published - interesting figures noted


January 22, Fineko/abc.az. The population's income increased by 7.4% and prices by 2.6% in Azerbaijan in 2019.

Population’s net income growth made up 4.8%.

ABC.AZ reports with reference to the data of State Statistics Committee’s monthly report that population's income for 2019 grew in nominal terms by 7.4% up AZN 57 bn (against 2018).

The average income of each person reached 5,758.6 manats a year. After all mandatory and voluntary payments, the population has AZN 52.5 bn at disposal, or 7.1% more against 2018.

Last year’s consumer price index grew by 2.6%, including on foods, beverages and tobacco products by 3.8%, on nonfoods by 1.2%, paid services to the population by 2% (compared with 2018).

Over Jan-Nov 2019 the average monthly nominal salary of employees in the country's economy amounted to 623.1 manats (rise of 15.4% against the 2018 same term). Monthly wages in the oil & gas sector reached 3,059.7 manats and in the nonoil sector 568 manats. The salaries of employees of state institutions amounted to 516.5 manats and private ones - 759.7 manats.