GDP has also grown and exceeded AZN 81 bn


January 22, Fineko/abc.az. Enterprises, organizations and individual entrepreneurs operating in Azerbaijan produced GDP for AZN 81.7 bn for the past year or by 2.2% more against 2018.

ABC.AZ reports that according to State Statistics Committee’s monthly report that in 2019 the added value of production in the non-oil sector of the economy increased by 3.5% and in the oil and gas sector by 0.4%.

41.4% of the value added was produced in the industrial sector, 10% in trade, transportation vehicle repair, 7.3% in construction, 6% in transport and storage, 5.7% in agriculture, forestry and fishing, 2.4% in tourist accommodation and catering, 1.8% in information and communications, and 16.7% in other industries. Net taxes on products and imports accounted for 8.7% of GDP. GDP per capita made 8,247 manats. Industrial enterprises and individual entrepreneurs operating in this area produced output for AZN 46.7 bn for Jan-Dec 2019 or 1.8% more versus 2018.