Azersu ensured quality water supply for 28,000 consumers in Lankaran district


December 25, Fineko/abc.az. National water operator Azersu has completed the project on improvement of water supply system in Lankaran district.

Work was conducted in accord with the presidential order from 17 March 2017 "On additional measures aimed at improving the water supply of the population".

"Water infrastructure has been created in 15 villages within the project. The project is designed to improve water supply for about 28,000 consumers of 15 villages of Lankaran district," Azersu reported.

«В рамках проекта в 15 сёлах района создана водная инфраструктура. Проект рассчитан на улучшение водоснабжения около 28 тыс. абонентов 15 сёл Ленкаранского района», - сказано в сообщении.

The above-listed presidential decree is designed to improve water supply in 170 residential localities of 28 districts of the country.