Mandatory Health Insurance Agency`s response to claims in social networks: published posts do not reflect reality


January 27, Fineko/abc.az. Social networks do not reflect facts related to the application of compulsory health insurance for 3 months in each district of Azerbaijan. Widespread information causes confusion, anxiety, and an influx of citizens to medical facilities.

ABC.AZ reports that the relevant statement was made by the State Agency for Mandatory Medical Insurance.

The Agency informs that in 2020 compulsory health insurance will be carried out in 4 stages throughout the country: "Compulsory health insurance has been launched in 23 districts of the country since 1 January 2020. Along with these districts, the residents in 21 cities will start using the package of mandatory health insurance services from April, in 15 cities from July and in 7 cities from October of this year. With the purpose to prepare medical institutions and the population for this process, inform them about the importance and benefits of compulsory medical insurance, and introduce a new funding mechanism in medical institutions, the introduction of the system is divided into 3 months for each stage of work. Persons have any health problems (other than emergency medical care) are advised to contact their family doctor first and present ID card. The family doctor, after examination/treatment of the citizen, if necessary, made him referrals to a specialist doctor. At the same time, a citizen should apply to a medical institution based on the medical referral of his family doctor."

By Elmir Murad