Ali Asadov reports on work done for 100 days


January 27, Fineko/abc.az. The Cabinet Ministers prepared article "Functions & 100 days of the Cabinet Ministers" in connection with 100-day stay of Ali Asadov in the position of Prime Minister.

ABC.AZ reports that for the reported 100 days the Cabinet drafted and signed 107 resolutions and 243 orders.

As for the main directions covering resolutions and orders, 64 orders related to the implementation of presidential decrees and orders, 22 ones to the execution of laws of the country, 27 to economic issues, 31 to balancing state property facilities, 13 to changes in legal acts. 54 orders related to personnel issues.

Another order related to the approval of the Action Plan aimed to fasten the tasks set for the government at the 2020 presidential meeting.

Out of the 107 decisions signed, 58 relate to legal issues. Of them, 55 regulate changes to legal acts or their cancellation, and three - agricultural insurance. In addition, six decisions cover education, 6 - science, 5 - health, 3 - social issues, 3 - customs, 2 - industry and energy issues, 3 - agricultural issues, 1 - construction issues, and others.